Technical issues at AEW Battle of the Belts VII derail the conclusion of the women's title event.

Battle of the Belts VII in Calgary ruined due to technical issues


7/16/20231 min read

two men playing boxing
two men playing boxing

AEW's Battle of the Belts VII in Calgary started with a poor count-out finish, a historical achievement for the first count-out in the show's history. The event was interrupted by technical difficulties on TNT and FITE, with the broadcast going dark in the middle of the fight. The show cut to commercials before returning on TNT with footage from Julia Hart's Collision match.

The live broadcast apologized for satellite issues caused by severe weather. The women's match was not mentioned, and the event concluded with Shawn Spears losing against Luchasaurus. Despite this, AEW managed to end the broadcast by showing footage of the closing seconds of the women's match, with Storm retaining the title over Valkyrie.