Kylie Minogue's Vegas Residency: When the Neon Playground meets the Disco Queen

Kylie Minogue Las Vegas residency


7/29/20232 min read

silhouette of woman holding hat in blue and gray nebula
silhouette of woman holding hat in blue and gray nebula

Kylie Minogue, the queen of Australian pop, is about to make Sin City her "Loco-Motion" central as she announces her first Las Vegas residency at the chic new venue Voltaire in The Venetian Resort. Starting November 3rd, the charismatic diva promises a cocktail of pure entertainment blended with her own brand of pop sparkle, perfect for those who like their casino glamour served with a side of danceable tunes.

The residency, named Belle de Nuit, is said to be so mysterious and tantalizing that it could give the Las Vegas Strip a run for its neon lights. Expect a dash of unapologetic glamour, a sprinkle of Beyoncé-esque costume extravaganza, and an eccentric mix of caviar and cookies for the adventurous souls.

In a city where Elvis once reigned, Kylie plans to shake up the Sin City stage with a "modern-day art deco fantasy," courtesy of Emmy and Tony award-winning production designer, Derek McLane. McLane aims to transport you from the whirling dervish of the casino floor to an intimate, dazzling world where "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" is the national anthem.

Kylie is joining the Las Vegas residency trend, with stars like Adele, Katy Perry, U2 and a few of country's finest making Vegas their temporary home. This sure beats the usual world tours, offering an irresistible blend of lucre, fame, and not having to remember which city you woke up in!

The "Spinning Around" singer's 16th album 'Tension', set to drop in September, adds to the fervor. The album’s summer hit single, “Padam Padam,” reached the Top 10 in the UK and has become a cult sensation among her dedicated LGBTQ+ fans. So, for those missing the glory days of the Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour, here's your chance to catch Kylie up close and personal. Prepare for new takes on beloved hits, live bed dances, and fabulous costumes that even Elton John might envy.

Tickets for this journey into Kylie's world go on sale on 9 August. So, save the date and let's take a wild ride to Vegas with Kylie, because it's not just a show, it's a Minogue-style party! And remember, what happens in Vegas, definitely didn't stay in Vegas when Kylie Minogue came to town.