Karrion Kross returns to WWE with a new look

Karrion Kross back to WWE


7/16/20231 min read

assorted-color of masks hanged on rod
assorted-color of masks hanged on rod

Since Paul evesque took over, a number of stars have come back to WWE Creative. Karrion Kross, a former WWE NXT Champion, is one of the stars who has returned. In one of the podcasts, Kross mentioned that his background in amateur wrestling and boxing, which combines theatrics and legitimate combat sports, served as the inspiration for his new appearance. He aimed to attract other athletes and people from legitimate backgrounds by drawing on his experience in wrestling and the heroic exploits of his superheroes. Kross also mentioned finding inspiration in wrestlers like Taz, Toshiaki Kawada, Gary Albright, and Steve Williams. On the theatrics front, he was also influenced by Rick Rude and Gangrel, which he modified for WWE.

Kross sought feedback from Hunter to develop his ideas, hoping to appeal to both fans seeking a shoot-fighter and a classic larger-than-life character.