Geraldo Rivera exits Fox News after 20 years

Geraldo Rivera quits Fox News

7/1/20231 min read

TV veteran and journalist Geraldo Rivera, 79, announced he was severing his ties with Fox News. Rivera, who joined Fox following the 2001 terrorist attacks, posted a video on Twitter informing that he had been dismissed from a panel show, The Five, after which he decided to quit the network, though he has not given any hints of his exit from Fox as a retirement.

A Fox spokesperson mentioned in a statement that the network had reached an amicable conclusion with Rivera over the past few weeks. With this, Rivera’s appearance on the Friday morning edition of the Fox & Friends show would be his last appearance on Fox News.

Rivera said that "I feel very emotional and deeply moved" after watching a tribute video that included clips from his career and goodbye messages. He also thanked for all the memories.