Bell & Shepard's Airport Adventures

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard thrown out of Boston airport


7/29/20231 min read

man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane
man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane

Hollywood's sweethearts, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, turned Boston’s Logan International Airport into a scene straight out of a rom-com recently. The duo found themselves stranded in the airport after a 9-hour flight delay, and with no hotels in sight, they decided to camp at the front gate. Talk about 'pitching a tent' at the terminal!

In the latest episode of "Keeping up with the Bells", the couple and their entourage were promptly evicted from the airport by officials. Getting booted from an airport - how's that for a plot twist?

Bell, known for her refreshing candor, shared a clip on Instagram of their airport escapade. According to her, the flight was "kicked to the next day" after a 7-hour delay and the whole squad ended up stranded, facing a lack of vacancies in the entire Greater Boston area. This saga had more delays than a Game of Thrones spin-off!

In a plot twist that even Hollywood couldn't script, Shepard revealed they'd spent $600 on their impromptu airport stay. Like a true survivor, he splurged on pillows and blankets for their cozy camp-out, yet somehow bragged about the $7 he saved by having the family share a single toothbrush. High five for dental hygiene, Dax!

In the final act of this real-life airport sitcom, Kristen and Dax got the boot from the airport for their unauthorized campground. The gang had to crash at the homes of 'friends of friends' until their flight was finally ready for boarding.

So the next time your flight gets delayed, remember - at least you're not camping out in the airport lounge with the star of The Good Place, wondering if you’re actually in the Bad Place!